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Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat / Play Mat - Nursery Rhymes - 110515 Baby Mat, Play Mat

Tipsy Baby Brand

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A premium quality baby mat with a unique design that caters to babies who are learning how to sit up on their own.  The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat provides safety for your baby when they fall over, while at the same time giving them the foundation they need to develop their balance and core muscles. Helping to increase the rate of their motor skill development.
The Tipsy Baby mat has a 1" thick internal foam platform, providing a very soft and safe environment for your baby as they strive to become an independent little sitter! The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat's internal foam design and removable slip cover makes it unlike any other baby mat on the market.
The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat can be utilized throughout all stages of baby development and more. Start them out early on the Tipsy Baby Mat with tummy time and as they begin to hold their head up on their own, transition them into independent sitting! And don't don't forget that The Tipsy Baby Mat is a great spot for naps on the go from newborns until as long as they will fit on it (approximately three years).
 Nursery Rhymes provides the perfect setting for your little sitter to be engaged in story time. It features several of our most well known childhood rhymes. As your pride and joys eyes get lost in this charming print they can build a house with the Three Little Pigs, play along with The Cat and the Fiddle or go on a walk with Mary and her little lamb. One thing we can be sure of is that weather baby falls or Humpty Dumpty falls on The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat, all the kings horses and all the kings men will surely be able to put them together again. The teal colors make this a great neutral option for little boys or girls.
  • Provide a soft and safe environment for your baby as they learn to sit up
  • Help your child develop their balance and core muscles safely
  • No more surrounding your baby with pillows to keep them safe
  • Folds up for mobility and easy storage
  • Removable slip cover for easy washing
  • 100 % cotton flannel provides a soft and cozy feel
  • Great for naps on the go!

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Opened-    40" diameter X 1" thick with 18" diameter sitting area
Folded-    28" long X 14" wide X  5" tall


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