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Why is Tipsy Baby unique?

Why is the Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat unique?

The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is a premium quality baby mat with a unique design that caters to babies learning to sit up on their own.  It provides safety and comfort as your baby transitions from being supported by a device such as a C-shaped pillow or chair, to sitting up all by themselves!  Stages of development

The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat was designed with a specific goal in mind, to provide babies with the softest and safest environment available as they develop.  

When a baby begins to develop core muscles they go through different stages. Parents are generally advised by their pediatricians when to start doing exercises for their baby that will help them strengthen their neck and stomach muscles. There are several tools that have been invented that help our little ones along the way and are very beneficial in a babies development. There are devices for the propping stage and devices for supporting your ambitious little one as they grow in to a little sitter. For most, there comes a time when they feel its time to let them try doing it without any help.  The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat there for baby when mom and dad decide its time to take off the training wheels and let them do it on their own!

 Thanks to the Tipsy Baby Sitting Mats internal flat foam design, babies can now be allowed to work on sitting up unassisted with less concern about your child being harmed by falling! Its also fantastic for tummy time and taking the best naps ever!