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What is Tipsy Baby?

Why is the Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat unique?

The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is a premium quality baby mat with a unique design that is aimed towards babies learning to sit up on their own.  It provides comfort and safety as your baby transitions from being supported by a device such as a C-shaped pillow or chair, to sitting up all by themselves!




Tipsy Baby Offers Protection 

You no longer have to worry about your baby being harmed by falling over as they strive to become an independent little sitter! The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat provides 360 degrees of impact absorbing protection surrounding your precious little one.  Its unique internal poly foam design turns a nerve wrecking fall into a gentle bounce that may even encourage a giggle! Forgotten are the times where you had to surround your baby with every pillow in your house to feel secure.

  Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat fall over



Muscle Development with Tipsy Baby

As your child begins showing signs that they want to support themselves, the best way to help them at this point is to let them. Give them the opportunity to show you what they can do, even at this young age they want to make mommy and daddy proud.  Our tipsy little babies will fall, and luckily the Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is there to catch them! After they learn that falling isn't something they want to do, they will begin to resist falling, wobbling from side to side, strengthening their little core muscles with every effort! 



Tipsy Baby Mobility 

One problem that all new parents face is learning how to deal with newly inherited challenge of traveling efficiently with your new pride and joy. It's happens to be something that gets overlooked often, until you're loading up the car to head somewhere for the first time and find that all of it just wont fit!  The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is designed to fold into quarters and is secured by baby safe straps. After the Tipsy Baby is folded it has the shape of a slice of pie and measures approximately 28" X 14" X 5", allowing you to carry and stow away easily.



Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat Features

The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat provides features and solves a problem that no other baby mat does.