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Tipsy Baby Protects

Tipsy Baby Offers Protection 

You no longer have to worry about your baby being harmed by falling over as they strive to become an independent little sitter! The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat provides 360 degrees of impact absorbing protection surrounding your precious little one.  It's unique internal poly foam design turns a nerve-racking fall into a gentle bounce that may even encourage a giggle! 

Tipsy Baby tip over shot by shot

Notice above in the 3rd shot how baby Kinsley's mom is reaching in to catch her as she falls, being that good mommy she is. After our daughter fell several times with no trauma we began to understand that she was going to be okay just letting her go, what we didn't expect was for her to learn quicker and develop faster because of it!


No More Pillows!

Forgotten are the times where you had to surround your baby with every pillow in your house to feel secure.  A convenient solution to a problem that all new parents face! The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat will replace the common "pillow fortress" technique that so many parents are forced to use. Keep your pillows on your beds and let The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat do the work.

Tipsy Baby before and after