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How to wash your Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat

1)   Remove the inner foam by unzipping the zipper located on the bottom of the mat. Reach inside and gently remove the foam being careful not to tear the zipper.

2)   Zip the removable slip cover back shut.

3)   Wash on delicate cycle at 30 degrees C or 85 degrees F. Do not use bleach. Allow your slip cover to air dry. You may Cool Iron as needed.

4)   Reassemble your Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat by unzipping the slip cover and reinserting the foam so that the piping of the cover is positioned at the bottom edge of the foam all the way around. As you get close to having the foam ring in position, give the mat a little shake and it will help the foam settle in.  Zip the slip cover shut. Please be careful not to stretch the zipper opening to much as it could tear.

5)   Let your child enjoy there Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat again.