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March 05, 2016


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March Tipsy Baby of the Month!- Brock

Tipsy Baby of the Month- March- Brock

   This month is proud to have Brock as our March Tipsy Baby of the month! Brock has a contagious smile that always catches our eye, and we have had the chance to watch him grow since day one! 

   Brock is now 7 months old and has already been sitting up for two months! Great job buddy! He is just a happy easy going little fella that loves to always be on the go. We rarely see a picture of Brock where he is not laughing and playing. His favorite activity as of lately is playing with his sound beats station.

Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat- Brock

   Brock is our little outdoors man, utilizing his Woodland Workers Tipsy Baby Sitting as he developed in to an independent little sitter. He still uses his mat today for play time as you can see him above rocking out with his sound beats station.

We are so happy to have Brock in The Tipsy Baby Family and we look forward to seeing him grow through the years. 

Tipsy Baby of the month- March


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Marc Easton
Marc Easton


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