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The Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is a baby mat with a design unlike any others. Its 1 inch thick internal foam is the perfect density of foam that provides enough firmness to support baby while being soft enough to absorb the impact when they fall over, making it the safest baby mat available for your precious little one.  It's perfect for first time sitters, tummy time, and napping!


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Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat is super soft


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June Tipsy Baby of the Month- Liliana

June 02, 2016

  June is here! And Its time to announce The Tipsy Baby of the Month! As some of our Tipsy Baby fans may know, at the first of every month we randomly pick someone who has signed up for our Tipsy Baby Giveaway Contest, and send them a free Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat of their choice.  This month we have decided to feature one of our winning babies as our Little Social Butterfly Tipsy Baby of the Month. Ladies and gentleman we are proud to introduce you to Liliana! Liliana and her family have been kind enough to share several of Liliana's experiences on her Tipsy Baby Sitting Mat on our social media pages. We always enjoy seeing her and hope that we continue...

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5 Benefits to Unsupported Sitting Development for your Baby

May 19, 2016

There is an ongoing debate to whether or not the use of a supportive device or chair is potentially harmful to your child’s development. One thing we can be certain of is that to early is never a good thing.  It’s very important to make sure that your baby is capable of holding their head up on their own before attempting to prop them up or allow them to sit in a supportive chair.  Always make sure to consult with your child’s pediatrician if you have any questions. I am a strong believer in allowing a baby to develop as naturally as possible. Giving them the independence to develop their sitting skills without any help from a device can yield...

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April Tipsy Baby of the Month!- Aeslyn

April 01, 2016

Hey everyone! Happy April! The smell of spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming. As you may be starting to catch on to, each month we love to feature a baby from our growing Tipsy Baby Family, and share some of their accomplishments and unique little personality traits that make them so special! This month we are proud to introduce you to the sweet little Aeslyn, also known as "Little Miss". We have been fortunate to get to know Aeslyn in our time working together with her mommy Tiffany that runs a fantastic blog called The Crunchy Mom Next Door, where you can find clever parenting tips, knock out recipes and awesome product reviews and giveaways!  Tiffany...

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March Tipsy Baby of the Month!- Brock

March 05, 2016

   This month is proud to have Brock as our March Tipsy Baby of the month! Brock has a contagious smile that always catches our eye, and we have had the chance to watch him grow since day one!     Brock is now 7 months old and has already been sitting up for two months! Great job buddy! He is just a happy easy going little fella that loves to always be on the go. We rarely see a picture of Brock where he is not laughing and playing. His favorite activity as of lately is playing with his sound beats station.    Brock is our little outdoors man, utilizing his Woodland Workers Tipsy Baby Sitting as he developed in to an...

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